Frequently Asked Questions

COVID- 19: How does the current pandemic impact my upcoming appointment?

Due to COVID-19, many patient appointments have been moved to Telehealth. With this service, you will not see the doctor in person, rather you will be called directly. If you have an appointment booked, please note that the doctor will call you on the number provided the clinic. You will be called within a 2 hour window of the time of your appointment. Please note the call may come from an unknown number with ‘No Caller ID’.

Covid-19 Telehealth: How do I change the phone number the doctor will call me at or change my appointment ?

Please call our clinic directly at 778-565-3239 to make any changes. If you provided your cell phone number to take calls for your parent or child for example, please arrange to be with the patient at the time of the call.

Covid-19 Telehealth: Will I receive a call from Fraser ENT or another number?

Please anticipate receiving a Telehealth call from a blocked number or a line with No Caller ID. You may also receive a call from Fraser ENT.

Covid–19 Telehealth: Will the doctor call me at my exact appointment time?

Please expect a call within a 2 hour window of your appointment time. For example, if your appointment is at 11:15am, you may be called sometime between 10:15am and 12:15pm.

Covid–19 Telehealth: How can I best prepare for a Telehealth call?

You can prepare for your doctor’s phone call by writing down your questions and considering how to describe your symptoms in advance. Please find a quiet place to talk when the call comes in and please be aware that the incoming call may say ‘No Caller ID’.

Covid-19: Telehealth: What if I miss the doctor's call?

Missing the call will be treated the same as missing an appointment. If you are not available when the doctor calls, you will have to contact the clinic to reschedule your appointment. The doctor will be moving onto the next patient if you are not available, and unfortunately will not be able to call you back. Please make every effort to be available for your Telehealth call.